For Australian sound artist CAMILLA HANNAN, sound is a potent psychological tool that alters mood and perception. Through her radical reinterpretations of field recordings of abandoned spaces, factories, and other industrial sites, she collects remnants from those cold environments and transforms them into paradoxically romantic landscapes of textures and drones.

"Primary concerns in my work include perceptions of sound in everyday life, the construction of artificial sonic locales and techniques of sound spatialisation. My source material comes from location recordings, which are digitally processed into abstract textural soundscapes using a variety of sampling processes.

My installation work often utilises multiple light sources to partition space. Audio playback is through site-specific multispeaker configurations. I am interested in constructing environments that use of sound and light to create a space that is at once familiar and alien.

The use of field recordings is essential for me as source material for my work. My compositions are constructed from micro samples of field recordings. By breaking up the sound into micro fragments, we are left with remnants of an environment. These remnants become sonic triggers. A factory site becomes a pulsating rhythm and sporadic hiss. For me, sound is a powerful psychological tool that alters mood and perception. It transforms the ostensibly harsh environment of an industrial site into a romantic landscape of textures and drones. This manipulation of the sonic landscape is a strong focus in my sound art practice." - Camilla Hannan, 2006

Camilla Hannan performed at the Tenth Annual Activating the Medium Festival in 2007.