installation view of
Possible System to Recover Stitch Time Orbit

"My work is concerned with the ephemeral and interpretive, the continuums of perception and materiality. I want to draw attention to our connection to the earth. This intention is allied with what is wild, and interrogates the blurred spaces, those cultural zones of participation and translation that are the most determined by language and the most free to query our direct experiences. With a dedication to the handcrafted image, film emulsion is treated as an organic chemical landscape with a topographical surface, where the traces of plant, insect and animal materials as well as other elements are fossilized. The electronic signal is also treated as an organic, semantic dialogue between the materiality of the process and its passage through analogue and digital imaging. I create translation systems, fascination devices, extra-cinematic experiences that reveal the phenomenon and the idea of cinema as a technological system, one that is unfixed and accreting, neither nostalgic nor utopian. Wilderness, Landscape and Performativty is the core content that brings attention and presence to these projector driven diorama-like physical systems. Observation, effects and outgrowths of place and gestures generate my images and sounds. My work reflects an intimate relationship with both the sound/film/video material and the animate landscapes investigated. I use light and sound as field-notes, creating a context from which the landscape can itself speak directly to the body with sensual and sensible patterns. " -- Keith Evans, 2006

Keith Evans performed at 23five's Tenth Annual Activating the Medium festival in 2007

Mr. Evans has also worked extensively with the multi-media ensemble Silt.

Solo Exhibitions and Performances

Activating The Medium Festival #10, The Exploratorium, San Francisco

the carrier wind listens to itself (with Loren Chasse), San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
Orbit and Reference, KALA Fellowship exhibition #1, Berkeley
Possible system to recover stitch time orbit, Garage Bienniale, Garage Gallery, San Francisco
Lighthouse (with Coelacanth), Montaro lighthouse hostel, Montaro, California

Salt Lake Grain, Winter KALA exhibition, KALA Arts, Berkeley
BALLYBABA (with Mike Meyers, Diane Jones and Dylan Bolles) Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California
Cupric Flashing (with Coelecanth) San Francisco Art Institute New Media Series, San Francisco
Movers and Shakers, Sacred Geometry, ON SIX Gallery, San Francisco

Kill Your Timid Notion festival (with Thuja) Dundee, Scotland
A Beginner's Guide to Latitude Emanation, in conjunction with installation and residency, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

birds of the night sky... Field Effects #5, 964 Natoma, San Francisco

Kino eyedeograms in plant morphology # 16, Chlorophilia, The Exploratorium, San Francisco
calling on the saints to blend with the land, Beneath the skin: Taproot Dance Project Dance Performance, 848 Divisadero Community Dance Space, San Francisco
rain opens up the acoustics of the land as heard from the rotory beneath the ground,
Field Effects #1, 964 Natoma, San Francisco


Wrack Light and Copper Ruin CD / DVD with Coelacanth (Seal Pool)
Salt Lake Enantiomorphic projection limited edition DVD-R loop 2005
Mount Tamalpais Augury limited edition DVD-R loop 2005

Residencies and Fellowships

Creative Capital Seminar, Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, California, 2006
KALA Arts Fellowship, Berkeley, 2005 - 2006
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 2004
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Penny Stamps Distinguished Visitors, 2004
The Exploratorium: Artists-in-Residence, June-November, 1999
Headlands Center for the Arts: Artists-in-Residence February-December, 1998