siphon glimmers, Unique Ancient Tavern CD, 1997
exfolia motors, Unique Ancient Tavern CD, 2000
synthesis of neglected places, Unique Ancient Tavern CDr, 2001
fantasy apparition, S’agita Recordings CDr, 2002
hedge of nerves, Anomalous CD, 2002
green laughter, Jewelled Antler 3” CDr, 2003
the air in the sand, Naturestrip CD, 2005
script lichen, Edition Graphon 3”CD, 2005

as Of
the infant paths, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2003
(CD reissue on Orogenetics, 2006)
quartz pond, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2004
the buried stream, Jewelled Antler CD, 2004

with Thuja
the deer lay down their bones, Tumult CD, 1999
ghost plants, Emperor Jones CD, 2001
suns, Emperor Jones CD, 2002
hills, Last Visible Dog CD, 2002
museums #1 and #2, Jewelled Antler 3”CDr, 2002
all strange beasts of the past, Emperor Jones CD, 2003
fable, Jewelled Antler 3” CDr, 2004
cone temples, Strange Attractors 2xCD, 2005

with Coelacanth
the chronograph, Partition CD, 2001
the glass sponge, 23five Recordings CD, 2003
mud wall, Helen Scarsdale Society CD, 2004
wrack light and copper ruin (w/Keith Evans),
Seal Pool CD/DVD, 2006

with The Blithe Sons
dirt and clouds, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2000
waves of grass, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2001
we walk the young earth, Family Vineyard CD, 2003
green mansions, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2003
arm of the starfish, Family Vineyard CD, 2004

with The Child Readers
boy on a cliff, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2001
dark laughter, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2003
memory and fantasy, Mallard Lake CD, 2004

with The Franciscan Hobbies
caterpillars of the oak beauty, Jewelled Antler CDr, 2002
masks and meanings, Soft Abuse CD, 2003
walls are stuck, Music Fellowship CD, 2004

with idBattery
lily events, Unique Ancient Tavern CD, 1996
last blue before black, Unique Ancient Tavern CD, 1998
unique ancient tavern, Ecstatic Yod LP,1998
inferno from an occult diary, S.I.W.A. LP, 1999
the foot, Drone Records 7", 2002

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