Site Sonologies exhibition for group show “Sites and Exhibitions” at Southern Exposure Gallery, August 31-December 15, 2001  

“There are times when I am so compelled by a sonic detail of the city that I suspend the purposefulness of my walk and surrender my ears to the moment.  Imaginably, a strange clock of sounds exists in the interstices of the seasons, days and seconds.  A sound in intervals coursing through the exposed pipes of a building....timed sprinklers sputtering and hissing.....playgrounds, bells, refrigeration droning, grates rumbling, the soughing of the leaves, hounds under influence of a full moon.  Imaginably, we could draw a map of this ambient city.”


My intention for ‘Sites and Expeditions’ is to explore the sonorous nature of the city of San Francisco.  Typically, my work treats an aspect of ‘wilderness’, whether this be overtly...isolate in the thick of things, or implicitly...beside some ruinous detail of the city, a crack sprouting with tendrils or a hard edge crumbling.  In documenting ‘sounds’ for this exhibition, I imagine that I will explore more completely than I can with my audio recordings and performances the idea of implied sounds, that is, images, scenes, and situations (social and spatial) that ‘appear’ to have some sonic potential.  This way of looking at things is an obvious extension of my audio work, which often exists in a ‘field’ among found instruments and inherently ambient situations.

Over the course of the exhibition, my ‘sites’ will migrate along a path leading from the ruins of Sutro Baths at the end of Ocean Beach to an area adjacent to the Southern Exposure gallery.  I’m not yet certain of all the locations in between these endpoints or what will happen there.  Expect to attend these ‘events’ at times of day when a particular and ‘regular’ ambient situation is under way (I have been keeping an ongoing log of these for the past few years).  Expect my own interventions...modifications, amplifications, and actual performances.