site sonology #1
sutro baths
4pm  9/2/01

I arrived at the baths around 3pm on Sunday and wandered around making audio recordings......scraps of conversation, laughter, birds, dogs, surf, footsteps crunching gravel, fog horns, belled buoys, car noises.......

Two friends of mine came along and improvised songs with guitars, bells and xylophones in a central part of the ruins.  Various people at different times came close to look and listen, but mostly the people strolling about the ruins were indifferent.

A couple, wrapped in a blanket, asked for a love song and my friends obliged in return for the couple’s permission to let me take their picture cuddling on a rock during the song.

A man came over to the top edge of a wall below which I was sitting and commented, ambiguously:  It sounded like shit from up there so I thought I’d come down to check it out.

Later, in another area of the ruins I ground small peices of charcoal with a large chunk of cement, amplifying this action with a contact microphone and battery-operated speaker.

Lastly, from a boombox concealed in a bush, I amplified a cassette of recordings made mostly from areas along Ocean Beach over the past few months.  These sounds included much surf noise and a duration in which children were playing excitedly in the sand.