Loren Chasse

168 Lundy's Lane
San Francisco, CA



BA/Literature and Criticism, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and King’s College, London, Spring 1992.

MA/Literary Theory, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 1992.

California Teaching Ceritification Program, San Francisco State University,
San Francisco, Spring 2001.

Multiple Subject Classroom Experience 

4th/5th grade ELD Classroom Teacher,
San Francisco Unified School District, August 1999-present.


Jenny Hammond School (5th year students),
London, England, Summer and Winter sessions 2005. 

KQED/SPARK-sponsored ‘Art Education for Teachers’ Workshop,
California College of Art, San Francisco, May 2005.

Fairmount Elementary School, Staff Professional Development Workshop,
San Francisco, November 2004.

Turtle Rock Institute (Kindergarten-2nd year students),
Marin County Day School, summer 2002.

Cultural Kaleidoscope’ program (2nd-3rd year students),
Palo Alto Cultural Center, January-May, 2002.   

Creative Arts Charter School (7th-8th year students),
San Francisco, February-May, 2002


Relentlessly and with curiosity, I go about touching the world, trying to get something of myself across. All we are ever up against are surfaces, yet endlessly we imagine and work to evoke an essence, or to pry loose an inside, from a rigid world of others.

       Often touching makes a sound.
       wood touching skin,
       a rusted disc touching sand,
       maple stems touching a flat rock.

For inspiring listening in students, a subject of wonder must catalyze the imagination. We suspend our own ‘noise’ when confronted with a wondrous sound. Subsequently, we might begin listening to ourselves in a new way, realizing how we might become part of this wondrous thing. Listening to the world imaginatively is necessary if we are to communicate successfully with one another, truly hearing, making meaning and comprehending, at the level of ‘the grain’.

As an educator with the public school system and with 23five Incorporated I aspire to give students the conceptual and practical tools necessary for creatively engaging with and enjoying ‘sound’ as a private and public phenomenon in the world around them.

Introduction to a Curriculum
for Listening Arts


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