2007 conversation between Brendan Murray and Randy Yau
Prior to finalizing production on Commonwealth, the latest minimalist work from New England sound artist Brendan Murray, Randy Yau speaks briefly with Brendan about the genesis of Commonwealth and his approach to sound.
2007 conversation between Jean-Francois Laporte and Randy Yau
Upon releasing Soundmatters, the first major compendium of recordings from French-Canadian sound artist Jean-Francois Laporte, Randy Yau speaks briefly with Jean-Francois regarding his unique processes, philosophy, and physical relationship to sound.
THE NOISE OF HISTORIES by Giancarlo Toniutti
Giancarlo Toniutti, an Italian researcher in morphology and anthropology fields (linguistics, acoustics, material cultures etc.) and composer of experimental electroacoustic sound-works, contributes this article to 23five.
2007 conversation between Eamon Sprod (aka Tarab) and Jim Haynes
Melbourne based sound artist Eamon Sprod discusses his methods and ideas behind his earthen sound construstions and installations.
2003 interviews from the Sixth Annual Activating The Medium festival
For the Sixth Annual Activating The Medium festival in 2003, 23five arranged a series of brief interviews between many of the participants at the festival.

Leif Elggren & Jim Haynes
Michael Gendreau & Randy Yau
Christina Kubisch & Brandon LaBelle
Brandon LaBelle & David Prochaska
CM von Hausswolff & Scott Arford
Achim Wollscheid & Scot Jenerik
2001 lecture by Douglas Kahn from the Fourth Annual Activating The Medium festival
For the Fourth Annual Activating The Medium festival in 2001, 23five invited writer and historian Douglas Kahn to give a lecture on the opening evening of the festival at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This is a transcription of his lecture.